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About Us

Tomorrow's Promise Montessori Schools is a non-profit system of Montessori schools in Huntsville, Texas. We've been providing affordable Montessori education and childcare for 25 years.

Kaye Boehning, M.Ed.
Kaye Boehning

founder of tomorrow's promise

Kaye Boehning, M.Ed., is the founder of Tomorrow’s Promise Montessori Schools (TPMS) in Huntsville, Texas. For 25 years she has made TPMS a pillar of the community by providing affordable Montessori education and childcare to residents of Walker County.

In 2018, she partnered with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library as a charitable venture to provide children in Walker County with one book a month until they turn five years old. She continues that outreach today by hosting a series of events that directly benefit the children of Huntsville.

Tomorrow's Promise presents

Fantastic, Fun
& great events!

Unleash Your Imagination is a series of fundraising events presented by Tomorrow's Promise Montessori Schools with the help of its sponsors with the goal of improving the literacy rate of children in Walker County.

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Supporting literacy in walker county