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Introducing Unleash Your Imagination and our future plans.

September 2, 2022

For years now, Tomorrow's Promise Montessori Schools have put on a variety of events benefitting Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. We've partnered with them to help improve the literacy rate in Walker County by providing children with one book every month from birth until they turn five years old. In the past, we've put on an annual 5k Color Run that has drawn in tons of sponsors and event participants that are passionate about helping the children in Walker County succeed.

We're now expanding the initiative with our reveal of Unleash Your Imagination, a project we have been working on for some time. The goal of Unleash Your Imagination is to collect all of our annual events under a unified theme, with our color run titled Run With Your Imagination and our next event, Lasso Your Imagination, you can spot the trend.

Beyond our status as Walker County's premier Montessori school, we wanted to give back. This is our way of unifying our events thematically and making them all make sense. We plan to have even more annualized events and even more children to provide books for. As Walker County grows, so will the scope of our events and our charitable initiatives. We're committed to ensuring Walker County receives the best in not only Montessori education, but the resources available to help them succeed as they transition to public school and beyond.

We're committed to making fundraising fun, so stay tuned as we expand the scope of our events and join us for each one as we, together, help the children of Walker County succeed!

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